Insurance Claims Romania – We are a Romanian private investigations agency, established in 1991. During the past 28 yrs, we have built a reputation as one of the leading investigations firms in Romania. Our clients are insurance companies and similar entities.

We are specialized in investigations of insurance claims (medical, travel, foreign death investigations). We are fully licensed to operate on the national territory of Romania. Regionally , we do maintain a strong relation with certified agents & partners throughout Central & Eastern Europe.

insurance claim investigations romania

Our work combines the local expertise of a professional Romanian practice with an in-depth national and regional focus. 90% of the clients are from outside Romania; we work closely and have very good connections with the national law enforcement agencies and customs.

We possess 24 years of vast experience in insurance investigation services (medical & travel claims mainly), and have established a proven reputation in the insurance industry for exposing fraudulent schemes of illegal claims.

Some of the categories of service we offer to our clients:

   Insurance Claims Investigations

   Life insurance claim investigations

   Accidental benefits/death claim investigations

   Property loss claim investigations

   Travel insurance claim investigations

Third-party claim investigations

   Medical claim investigations

   Personal claim investigations

   Theft claim investigations

   Sub-rogation and recovery investigations

Contestable death investigations

   Fatal accident investigations

   Motor vehicle crash investigation

   Recovery of stolen vehicles

   Insurance litigation support

imagesJulian Tanase is a member in excellent standing of the Association of British Investigators, and of various professional guilds. Proven experience for the last 25 years. He can assist your organization in obtaining the information and evidence necessary to make an informed business decision, formulate an appropriate course of action in civil litigation, successfully present a case for criminal prosecution, or protect your business intellectual property.

Do not hesitate to contact us for insurance investigation services in Romania, or to ask us about our free case evaluation service. Also, please ask for our company brochures, free of charge as well.

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