Insurance Investigations in Romania & Moldova – We possess 26 years of vast experience in the field of insurance investigations (medical & travel claims mainly), and have established a proven reputation in the insurance industry for exposing fraudulent schemes of illegal claims.

Some of the categories of service we offer to our clients:

  •    Insurance Claims Investigations
  •    Life insurance claim investigations
  •    Accidental benefits/death claim investigations
  •    Property loss claim investigations
  •    Travel insurance claim investigations
  •    Third-party claim investigations
  •    Medical claim investigations
  •    Personal claim investigations
  •    Theft claim investigations
  •    Sub-rogation and recovery investigations
  •    Contestable death investigations
  •    Fatal accident investigations
  •    Motor vehicle crash investigation
  •    Recovery of stolen vehicles
  •    Insurance litigation support

Do not hesitate to contact us for insurance investigation services in Romania!

Also, please ask for our company brochures, available free of charge in PDF format; we’ll be glad to send this to you for a complete picture of who we are and what we do.

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